About Us


We are a general agency for many continent especially for whole europe countries, our partner the manufacturer is one of the very few companies that possesses a full range of the key technologies required for night vision devices, and is a leader in the intelligent night vision dome camcorder industry.  
Resulted from our partner research, development and product portfolio includes portable special night vision equipment, High-definition TV broadcasting camcorders with night vision functions, hand-held all-weather camcorders, automobile / maritime night vision safety systems and more. The application of our products are beyond imagination, and are currently used in many industries and application environments. source. 
We are an international business center, specialized in worldwide trade. As your trading partner, we offer you a wide range of procurement and distribution of your requested products and services. Our goal is to assist you in expanding your marketing profile in the international trade arena. If you are searching for a particular product or service locally or overseas, tell us, your satisfaction is important to us. . 
The Baschar Business Center (BBC), represents the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world. We provide reliable and authentic services for our renowned clients.We maintain a reputation for honest trading in the industry. Our business methodology is based on professionalism and efficiency. We are global service professionals with unequaled leadership skills and resiliency. We offer personalized end-to-end management in the service/delivery chain.