Term und Conditions

Terms and Conditions

BBC Night Vision is a state recognized high tech enterprise, highly competent in leveraging own core technologies in night vision area, we ship and service to customer with the best high-end night vision products and solutions Europe/Africa-wide.

Company night vision equipments adopt low light and near infrared light source NV technologies.

We are one of the Partner of very few company who possess full range of the key technologies and leading in intelligent night vision dome camcorder industry.

Resulted from our own research and development, our product portfolio includes:

With the aim to serve customer global-wide, we have established a comprehensive network and footprints across the world. Adhering to the development philosophy of leveraging night vision core technologies, we strive to continuously enhance development competence, pursuit for technologic innovation, strengthen disciplinary management, cultivate superior team, and optimize the benefit among all stake holders , including business partners.

For the purpose of “Work together, cooperation, sharing, win-win“ products focus on the special equipment markets and wildly used in administrative law enforcement, military, media, outdoor, expedition, etc. Have a huge marketing space.

Now recruiting partner distributors worldwide, Join conditions are as follows:
Own a legitimate business license

Operate on a fixed business site and marketing team

No record of illegal operation