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SLR Camera
500m Range
facial-recognition at 300m
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Special Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a nationally-recognized high tech enterprise, highly competent in leveraging its internally-developed core technologies in the night vision arena. Our designs, builds, ships and services to customers the best high-end night vision products and solutions worldwide.   Company night vision equipment utilize low light and near-infrared light source NV technologies. We apply a number of independently developed and patented technologies to our devices. 

We use latest Technology


Our Technology is also compatible with latest mobile Devices


SLR Night Vision Camera can also be used as a charger for your mobile phone



We are a general agency for many continent especially for whole europe countries, our partner the manufacturer is one of the very few companies that possesses a full range of the key technologies required for night vision devices, and is a leader in the intelligent night vision dome camcorder industry.  


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