Night camera


Night camera

  • Auto speed synchronization with vehicle speed.
  • Glare protection, auto switch based on the vehicle high light beam status (on/off).
  • Fog penetration function, which allows operator to turn on the function in foggy day to improve driving safety.
  • Long range night vision, up to 200m. Traffic pre-warning, p…



  • Night vision 400m
  • 22X optical synchronous intelligence zoom
  • High definition shooting and display
  • Active near-infrared synchronous light compensation
  • Superior infrared homogenization light source
  • Automatic intelligent sensor
  • High accuracy stepper motion technology
  • All weather, all-direction, HD real-time observation, evidence collection
  • 650 lines/720P/1080P optional, PTZ control
Applications:Police (criminal detection, public order, drug enforcement, SWAT, traffic police, border defense, and forest fire prevention),city administration, road administration, fishery administration, coast defense, military, etc.


Pan Range  360°continuously rotation
Pan Speed  Pan control speed :0.1°-100°/s, pan preset speed :150°/s
Tilt Range  -60°- 90°
Tilt Speed  Tilt speed:0.1°-90°/s,  tilt preset speed:120°/s
Proportional Pan Funct  Support
Preset Position  256
Cruising Scanning  6,each with 16 preset position
Pattern Function  4, direction and speed are adjustable
Memory After Power off  Support
Home Position  Presets/tracking/pan scanning
Coordination Display  Support
Temperature Display  Support
Compass Function  Support, north orientation setup.
Wiper Function  support jog and linkage mode
Menu  Chinese / English
Power Supply  DC10.8~18V
Consumption  ≤50W
Temperature & Humidity  -20℃-65℃  humidity less than 90%
Level Of Protection  IP66, VS4000V, lightning, anti-surge protection
Weight  6kg
Infrared Function


Infrared Range  400M
Wave Length  808nm
Zoom Angle  2°-60°
Consumption  10W